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In a fit of madness brought on by nostalgia and the Homestuck webcomic*, I bought a box of Gushers¬© ‘fruit’ snacks last weekend.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Gushers, they are basically edible, fruity pustules. This means that children LOVE them. Or at least, children are sucked in by the EXTREME commercials and pester their mom to buy Gushers so that when they go to school they can sit at the cool kids’ table during lunch.

Personally, I was more in the Fruit Roll-Ups camp, but I remember Gushers being kinda cool. Not terrible, anyway. Fast forward fifteen years–do they hold up?

almost as out of control as airheads


And there you have it! I leave you with one of the more disturbing Gushers’ commercials.

*Homestuck’s Gushers are obviously far superior, but Kat and I were not about to bust out a Sharpie and color our Gushers black in the name of accuracy.

Homestuck Gushers


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