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Twinkie, twinkie, little star…

So the fried twinkie has been done to DEATH.  It’s so old meme that it makes the Rickroll look fresh! That said, I still wanted to try it out–but with a twist.

CHOCOLATE-COVERED deep fried twinkie.

Oh, and I didn’t end there–

–deep-fried chocolate covered Twinkie. SEE, I INVERTED IT!

And then my  lovely guest assistant Taylor and I fried some Twinkies old-meme style to round out our ‘healthy’ snack.

What did we fry them  in? Well, from my blogosphere travels, I’d seen someone who was deep-frying things in Funfetti cake batter. YES AND YES. So if you want to recreate this, just buy a box of Twinkies, a box of Funfetti cake mix, and a ton of chocolate chips. We sliced the Twinkies into thirds, just to make everything more manageable (and bite-size!).



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