About the Vamps

Kendra and Kat consume lots of sugar and write about it.

One day when they weren’t thinking about food, they realized that the Washington D.C.-metro area was seriously lacking blogs about the many bakeries that deliver said sugar. Expect weird fruit write-ups, cupcake reviews, and our kitchen chronicles.

srs bizness

KENDRA “cake for breakfast” K

Likes — Bad movies, young adult fantasy novels, cereal (any and all), bourbon, tea, reading comics, writing  comics, drawing comics, Nicholas Cage, concerts, desserts, maple syrup, cephalopods, walking, public transit

Dislikes — Slow walkers, tourists, cars that don’t respect pedestrians, waiting on rice to cook

Weirdest food consumed — Either chocolate-covered mealworms or sheep scalp

KAT “it’s always teatime” S

Likes — Science fiction, my desk-side electric kettle, drawing/discussing/consuming comics, interior organizing, urban hiking, marzipan, and sunshine

Dislikes — Repeated beeping noises, people who stand just inside the doors on the metro, and mushrooms

Favorite Meal — Brunch


2 responses to “About the Vamps

  1. Holly

    Very lovely blog girlies…

    • Thanks! We realized that we needed something with photographic evidence to direct friends to after our numerous crazy baking experiments, and thus this blog was born!

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