Crepe Expectations

In the halcyon days of Kat and my college years, we forged a strong bond with the university’s crepe ladies. See, JMU‘s dining service is one of the things that it’s known for (apparently)–and goddammit, I’d rather have good food than a good football team! Fortunately, in addition to the normal buffet-style cafeteria in the middle of campus, JMU boasted dining options covering sushi, Starbucks, paninis, gyros, noodle bowls, and…crepes.

The crepes were huge, and you had the option of slathering them in nutella, caramel, raspberry sauce, whipped cream, bananas, strawberries, blueberries, ice cream…needless to say, all these would cost you extra. Well, they’d cost YOU extra, but since we were TIGHT, our crepes were made with extra ‘love’ FOR FREE (‘love’ being all them goodies).

Anyway, blah blah blah, we love crepes, and feeling lazier than usual, we decided to forgo any actual baking and settled on making a milles crepes cake. It’s basically a tower constructed of crepes, except replace ‘cement’ with ‘frosting’.

Of course, since it’s us, we decided to bust out every spread/topping from the pantry, and then cover the entire deal in a chocolate ganache.

I can sense your jealousy. Either that, or you’re thinking “Pff, amateurs, they don’t even have LEMON CURD!”

Yeah, suck it.

The following are delicious spreads I had in my pantry: marshmallow Fluff, Nutella, dulce de leche, raspberry preserves, cherry preserves, blackberry preserves, Biscoff spread, aaaaand mango butter. YEP.

Then, like most of our other creations, we covered the entire thing in chocolate ganache. YEP.

I’d post a recipe, but all you really need is a bunch of crepes, a bunch of delicious spreads/frostings/whathaveyou, and some chocolate ganache (this time I tried out Martha Stewart’s recipe). I recommend microwaving this sucker before eating it, since cold crepe texture is…not so great.



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3 responses to “Crepe Expectations

  1. Bill & Deb

    Oooh My Gosh…. All of it looks Professional yummy! We’ll be happy to be taste testers!

  2. I used to be so jealous of JMU food! UVa’s cafeterias were awful. And we had a bad football team.

    Mmmm those crepes look delicious.

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