So, Speculoos spread. Also called ‘spekuloos’, ‘speculaas’, and ‘spekulatius’.

like a million cookies

I’ve been kinda obsessing over it ever since Kat shared an article about the controversy surrounding said spread. Mostly because it seems like the perfect accompaniment to Nutella–I mean, it’s GROUND-UP COOKIES that you can spread like peanut butter. HOW IS THIS NOT A GREAT IDEA? I do take a little bit of issue with the fact this: “As [the Speculoos] company sets its sights on the United States, it faces entrenched competition from peanut butter. Peanut butter may have more nutrients, but [the chief executive] said, “this is something new, with no nuts in it, at a time when more and more people have nut allergies.”

Yeahhh, uh, I don’t know if I’d put peanut butter and cookie paste on the same page–maybe once I start replacing my pasta with Twizzlers.

Anyway, my curiosity would not be sated by merely reading about this amazing product, so I placed an order with the only US distributor, Biscoff. Sure, it came to 7 bucks per jar, but it’s all in the name of SCIENCE.

Kat and I (along with roomie Marymary) all took to it like deranged groupies. I figured that since it was similar to Nutella, I could probably consume it in a similar fashion–which for me involves crepes.

the spread spread

But first, we each took an unadulterated spoonful in order to get the full effect. Then we took a few apple slices and dunked them in. Having figured out the general flavor, we went a little cray-zay and slathered it on the crepes–along with Nutella, marshmallow Fluff, and strawberries. OH YES. OHHHH, YES.

a perfectly healthy  lunch

We had some of these Korean DYNAMIC DUO cookie/cracker snacks lying around, so we also dunked those in–because what pairs better with cookie than cookie?

like batman and robin cookies!


Kendra: It’s similar to creamy peanut butter, but seems less greasy for whatever reason, and tastes similar to a mild ginger snap–which in creamy spread format is QUITE addictive. I’ve been using it in place of maple syrup on my breakfast goodies–which speaks volumes if you know about my undying love for maple syrup. Worth $7? Probably not, but I definitely have no regrets.

Kat: Surprisingly light and mild for something that seems so decadent. Quite tasty, with a smooth texture. I’ve never had a speculoos cookie, but it tastes rather like Anna’s Ginger Thins to me. Maybe a little less gingery, actually. Recommended, but certainly not a must-have. It was a great topping for crepes and apple slices. A


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  1. theophilius

    My favorite characteristic of this spread is the “smoky” or “toasty” flavor I kept encountering as an aftertaste. It kept the spread from becoming too sweet, which for me is essential since I am yet a sugar vampire in training! And Kendra, I still think we should put this in homemade reesee’s cups :3

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