RICHMOND-Frostings cupcakery

next to a steakhouse and Trader Joe's


Suite 137

11331 West Broad Street

Glen Allen, VA 23060

ghost hand!

It took a while, but Richmond now has a burgeoning cupcake scene. We’ll see if they end up having any sort of ‘cupcake war’, but I’m placing my bets on Frostings.

Okay, technically it isn’t in Richmond, but Richmond’s one of those cities where almost everyone has a car anyway (and if you don’t, my sister’s friend* used to bike to downtown Short Pump every now and then, so IT IS POSSIBLE), so I’m considering it close enough. It’s next to a Trader Joe’s (♥♥♥), which means you can get the makings for an awesome party (cheap wine+delicious cupcakes).

Frosting’s definitely lives up to it’s name. Each standard-sized cupcake ($2.75, I love Richmond!) is topped with an almost equally-sized mountain of frosting on the top, almost like soft serve ice cream.

cupcake orgy!

They’re impeccably decorated (not that I’m biased**), and unlike some other cupcakeries (::coughSPRINKLEScough::) the decorations are all EDIBLE! The large decorations (that is to say, not the sprinkles or cookies) are made from white chocolate.

Kat and I ended up trying the Milk & Cookies, Mint Cookies & Cream, The Classic (vanilla cake+chocolate buttercream), and Peanut Butter Pretzel.

We’ll start with the order we ate them in…

cho-co-late chiiiips

Milk & Cookies

unhinge jaw like a SNAKE!

Kendra: This is the type of cupcake that you need to eat with your hands, so that you can taste all the components at the same time. Together, the chocolate-chip vanilla cake base+cream cheese frosting+chocolate chip cookie on top really shine–the flavors are nicely balanced, and the texture of the crunchy cookie adds contrast to the soft cake. Separately, the cream cheese icing is too much on its own. Overall, I didn’t expect to like this as much as I did! B+

Kat: Milk & Cookies was great. The presentation is genius, and also quite charming. And the flavor/texture experience follows through. Perfect balance of cupcake, frosting, and cookie. I have complained about too much frosting on cupcakes before, but I love it when it’s a really tasty frosting like this. The way the frosting sits on top of the cupcakes in a huge swirl, leaving the cake base partly exposed, is very appealing to the visuals as well. A

swirly frosting

Peanut Butter Pretzel

Kendra: Hrm, this one was more of a ‘miss’ for me, in spite of it being filled! It was mostly the icing that threw me off–the chocolate cake portion was decent, and the peanut butter pretzel filling was tasty (though I’m always in favor of having even more filling, heh), but the frosting…I guess I’m just not a fan of their cream-cheese icing. Didn’t really go along with the peanut butter. The pretzel on top was a nice touch. C

Kat: I love peanut butter bonbons, I love peanut butter cookies, but I never seem to like peanut butter cupcakes as much as I think I will. This was almost too salty. Does anyone make a peanut butter cake with chocolate frosting? C

frosting so fudgey...

The Classic

Kendra: We tried this one for breakfast the next day, so it spent a night in the fridge. It held up quite well! We wanted to try out a regular cupcake just to gauge how Frostings does the basics, and while the vanilla cake is a lot more subdued than the vanilla cake from Baked & Wired, it is still moist and pairs really well with the delicious chocolate buttercream–seriously, this frosting is DELICIOUS. I’m not sure if it was the fridge (though we ate this at room temperature), but this frosting was so thick and fudgey and perfectly chocolatey. So much better than the cream cheese frosting! B+

Kat: Mmmmmm… I don’t know if the refrigeration had anything to do with the texture, but the frosting was so good. Dense, fudgelike, chocolatey goodness. Frosting’s cupcakes stand out on two points: really good frosting (though I wasn’t crazy about the peanut butter one), and really good presentation. A

unf so good

Mint Cookies & Cream

Kendra: Oh my. “Chocolate cake, vanilla cream filling, crushed Oreo & mint buttercream frosting”? Delicious. Though I think the ‘vanilla cream filling’ is off–at least, the one we had was an intensely minty filling, and it was TASTYTASTY. While the chocolate cookie on top seemed a little bit extraneous (especially compared to the cookie topping on the Milk & Cookies cupcake), the rest of this was a wonderful pairing of mint and chocolate. It was pretty rich, almost like a scoop of mint chocolate chip ice cream. I’ve had it once again since then, and it was still perfect. A+

Kat: Yes, this one was fantastic. Everything Kendra said. If you like mint and chocolate at all, you must get this cupcake. A+

*not only was he biking this distance,  he was doing so on a FIXED-GEAR. HARDCORE.



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2 responses to “RICHMOND-Frostings cupcakery

  1. Aimee

    I had the most amazing cupcake from Frosting, called Root beer float. It was a root beer flavored cake with a creamy frosting with little crunchy chunks of something tasty in it, maybe crushed root beer candies? Anyway if you ever see it there, get it! It was delicious. Also, did you see that the Richmond Groupon for today is a dozen Frostings cupcakes for $15? Should I spring for it?

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