Baked & Wired Vanilla Latté Cupcake Review

Vanilla Latté, one of three coffeehouse themed cupcakes at Baked & Wired (along with Mocha and Chai Latte), is a “vanilla cake with an espresso buttercream.”

Kat got the espresso bean

Kat: I think I may have a new top cupcake. I wonder if B&W’s signature parchment square wraps are what helps lock in the moisture of the cakes, since no part of the cake base is exposed to air. Whatever it is, it works! The vanilla cake is soft and delicious and almost pancake-y in flavor. The buttercream frosting is rich with bittersweet coffee undertones. The combination is perfect. A

mmmm yeahhh

Kendra: Guys. YOU GUYS. I’m about to write something blasphemous.

I prefer vanilla to chocolate.

Okay, that’s not 100% true–but it is when we’re talking about B&W cakes. I’ve had a few of their vanilla-cake cupcake options now, and in my opinion, their vanilla cake is better. I know vanilla is plain, safe, and standard, but this cake is somehow rich and dense and just SOLID, like they’ve encapsulated the flavor of great vanilla ice cream and produced it in cake form.

Anyway, so the Vanilla Latté starts with that awesomeness. Onto the frosting, which is sweet with a nice bitter hint of espresso.

I place this cupcake at the same ranking as the Chocolate Cupcake of Doom; the cake might be better with the Vanilla Latté, but I still love the chocolate ganache frosting on the Doomcake too much to place the espresso buttercream above it. WE HAVE A TIE. (And, if you’re into cupcake pairing like Kat and I are, the Doomcake is the perfect accompaniment). A+


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