It’s the most wonderful time of the year! DING DONG DING

Halloween. Christmas. Valentine’s Day. Not one of these holidays can compare to Easter in terms of candy.

I don't consider 4th of July to be a Candy holiday

Sure, you GET more candy around Halloween, but are there Cadbury Creme Eggs around? NO. Are there Robin Eggs? NEGATIVE. Are there Peeps? Okay, I’ll give you that, but there’s so many better candy options for Easter compared to any other holiday!

Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs–it’s a proven fact* that the ratio of peanut butter to chocolate is more pleasing to the palate in these than in your normal, run-of-the-mill Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup. And Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups are one ‘junk-food candy’ that I still indulge in, so these Peanut Butter Eggs are like manna from heaven.

Peeps–while there’s now Peeps available during all major (US) holidays, Easter Peeps are still the best. You know why? Because nothing beats being able to hold the fate of a Peep in your hands. Heads or tails first? Sure, I suppose you can do that with Peep Ghosts or Peep Christmas Trees (…) but I like to imagine myself as Godzilla when I’m chowing down on their sugary brains. Or you can pull a Mr. Burns like my sister, depicted below.


Which brings me to…

Chocolate Bunnies–Sure, the lesser-brand bunnies are nothing more than mockolate nowadays, but you can still buy decent-to-high quality rabbits from a variety of suppliers, and much like the Peeps, YOU HOLD THEIR FATE IN YOUR HANDS. Mmm, so many years, so many headless chocolate rabbits around. Don’t even get me started on Easter S’mores, made with melted chocolate bunnies and marshmallow Peeps! Or do what my coworker does, and make Easter fondue (melt chocolate bunnies, dip Peeps in). Godzilla noises optional, but WHY NOT?

Cadbury Creme Eggs–I kinda go crazy over Cadbury Creme Eggs, as you can see from what I’ve accumulated thus far this year. In fact, I ended up getting a bit too overzealous last year, and still have leftovers. THIS IS A FIRST-WORLD DILEMMA, HERE. Cadbury Creme Eggs are the quintessential Easter Candy. I know over the years they’ve upped the price and decreased the size, but it’s probably for the best–Cadbury Creme Eggs are diabetes bombs.

please throw my body to the wolves

Kat: Why is Easter the best candy holiday? Eggs. Eggs get you oversized goo- and fluff-filled chocolates. If I’m not going to eat quality chocolate, I want to go all out with a disgusting, delicious, viscous pools of fondant. Mmmm. I also could not resist picking up Reeses eggs after Sunday’s tempting post over at Anger Burger. They are indeed much closer to the peanut/chocolate ideal ratio than a Reeses cup.



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5 responses to “It’s the most wonderful time of the year! DING DONG DING

  1. Aimee

    Yes you have it all correct. Do you know what candies I have downstairs right now? A big bag of reeses eggs and a bunch of cadbury cream eggs, both the big and smaller size that comes in the dozen pack. I think the mini is really the best of both worlds, all the creamy tastyness without the overload feeling. What do you think?

    • The problem with the minis is that the smaller amount of creme doesn’t quite taste the same! It’s like a higher chocolate-to-creme ratio, which is okay, but I’m eating creme eggs for the delicious sugary yolk.

      …when I was younger I sometimes used to crack off the top, eat the inside, and just throw out the rest. I did the same thing with Boston Creme donuts–eat creme, discard donut.

  2. I too could definitely see my self expiring from Cadbury Egg overconsumption. Love you illustrations!

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