Baked & Wired Pretty Bitchin’ Cupcake Review

I swear we aren’t shills for Baked & Wired. Honest! Our Baked & Wired flavor fest continues with the Pretty Bitchin’ cupcake, which they list as a “chocolate cake with a crunchy peanut butter frosting”.

what a spread!

Again, this was reviewed during the same time as the Tess-huh, so realize that we were stuffed to the gills with french toast,  potatoes, and wine.

our motto

Kendra: I’m a fan of savory/sweet combos–chocolate-covered potato chips, maple-covered bacon, M&M’s and popcorn. I’m also a fan of peanut-butter cups (who isn’t?). Of course I’d find Pretty Bitchin’ to be, well…pretty bitchin’. You’ve got your basic Baked & Wired chocolate cake as the base (a solid start) with an addictive peanut butter buttercream (peanut buttercream?) frosting, topped with a few peanuts. The peanut butter frosting is the winner here–I could see myself eating this by the bowlful. In fact, if they somehow mixed this with their chocolate satin frosting (like on the Chocolate Cupcake of Doom) I’d probably turn into a Gollum-like creature that’d mutter to myself and kill people for my ppppreciousss [frosting]. A

Katie: If you like Reeses, you will love this. The frosting is just as salty, sweet, and of course peanut-buttery as those candies I love. And the cake is strongly chocolate-y. Both parts of the cupcakes are tops. For me, what really makes Baked & Wired stand out from the DC cupcake pack is the quality of the moist and flavorful cakes. We will be reviewing those other cupcakeries soon, as we continue to work our way through every B&W flavor. A

yes that is a DFA1979 t-shirt


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