Baked & Wired Tess-huh Cupcake Review

Our Baked & Wired flavor-flav reviews continue this week with another SPECIAL–the perplexingly-titled “Tess-huh” cupcake. We’re deducing it’s named after the owner (Teresa Velazquez) since there’s also the “Theresa’s Birthday Cake” flavor. At any rate, neither of us had seen/heard of it before, and already it’s on the site! Described as “vanilla cake with dulce de leche filling and chocolate-hazelnut satin icing”, how does it taste?

double your pleasure, double your fun!

(Tess-huh on the left, Pretty Bitchin’ on the right)

Before we start, we do have to add that this review was done almost immediately after an extremely rich dinner of home fries and french toast slathered in Kahlua, so that might factor in a little bit.


Kendra: Oh geeze, I’m still so full–but everything about this cupcake calls to me. Now, granted, I’m not as big on general vanilla cake, but I do understand that not everything can be made of chocolate (OR CAN IT?). With the dulce de leche filling and the chocolate-hazelnut frosting, the vanilla does make for a good balance between the two rich flavors–and actually, I think the vanilla cake is a bit better at staying together than their chocolate cake. The chocolate-hazelnut frosting seems to be the general chocolate ganache that they have on their Chocolate Cupcake of Doom Chocolate Satin, but with a strong hazelnut punch–almost too strong, actually. I felt the frosting was a bit overpowering to the rest of the cake, especially since dulce de leche is definitely a more subdued flavor compared to chocolate, much less one with a hazelnut bite. I was hoping I’d love this, but I only just like it. B

Katie: First off, I must say that is a very appealing cupcake. A single, whole hazelnut garnishing a spread of glossy chocolate makes for great presentation. But what really drew me to it was the promise of dulce de leche filling. The combination of moist white cake and sweet dulce de leche is a creamy treat. However, I have to agree with Kendra that the icing overpowered rather than complemented the body of the cupcake. The chocolate-hazelnut satin frosting damped the other flavors down, and in this case I found the slippery mouthfeel unappealing. I couldn’t tell if this was the thick, simmered-condensed-milk variety of dulce de leche I was hoping for. Once I had bite of frosting, all I tasted was chocolate-hazelnut. B



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