Baked & Wired Chocolate Cupcake of Doom review

We’re crossing another flavor off the list as we continue with our reviews of every single one of Baked & Wired’s cupcake offerings.

Baked & Wired's chocolate cupcake of DOOM

Kendra: When I hear ‘doom’, I think of videogames, LOTR, and Invader Zim*. Baked goods usually don’t come to mind, but the double-whammy of chocolate cake and dark chocolate ganache frosting in this cupcake have earned it the ‘doom’ label. It’s also earned the honor of being my favorite regular flavor of cupcake from B&W. The cake is moist and dense, but the ganache frosting is the standout–it’s rich and thick and smooth and decadent…::insert Homer Simpson noises here:: Since it’s dark chocolate-based, it isn’t too sweet and contrasts nicely with the cake.

This is a cupcake that pairs extremely well with other cupcakes; Kat and I usually split this one with her favorite (Razmanian Devil) as B&W’s sweet buttercream and tart lemon cake is a nice offset to the deep chocolate flavor. A+

Kat: The frosting is so rich, so good, that I really cannot eat a whole Chocolate Doom cupcake. They live up to their name. A

Goes well with tea!

Chocolate Cupcake OF DOOM pre-sugarvamps


…and once we were done with it. Note B&W’s non-trad cupcake wrapper–easy to unfold, and doubles as a plate!

*I leave you with Gir’s ‘Doom Song’, as per Invader Zim


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