Bakery Factsheet: Baked & Wired


Baked & Wired, Fabulous DC bakery best known for its generously-sized $3.75 cupcakes

Location: 1052 Thomas Jefferson Street NW, Washington, DC 20007

Neighborhood: Georgetown

Transit: The nearest metro station is Foggy Bottom, though the walk from Rosslyn across the Key Bridge and down the Chesapeake & Ohio Canal path is more fun. The Dupont-Georgetown-Rosslyn circulator brings you nearby, as do many other buses on K and M street routes.

Seating: Is often full, but you can walk twenty feet to benches by Lock 2 of the canal or go down the street the Potomac River Park and Washington Harbor complex.

Kat’s Must-Have: “Razmanian Devil” Cupcake – Lemon Cake with lemon buttercream frosting and raspberry filling

Kendra’s Must-Have: “Chocolate Cupcake of DOOM” – Chocolate cake with a dark chocolate satin frosting

Super-COMBO: Go with a friend, get one Chocolate Doom and one Razmanian Devil, cut in halves and redistribute to make two superflavor cupcakes

Sweets: Cupcakes, cookies, cookies bars & brownies, coffee cakes, hand-pies, muffins, dog treats, granola, and, on Tuesday & Friday mornings, donut-muffins (“When a muffin and a donut fall in love…”)

Savories: Quiche

Drinks: Coffee & Tea

Otherwise Notable: Baked & Wired is a full-service café as well as a bakery



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2 responses to “Bakery Factsheet: Baked & Wired

  1. Marymary

    HAY GUYZ don’t forget the “Wired” part of “Baked & Wired!” The coffee counter boasts a completely respectable cup of joe – usually fair trade, so you can feel smug about it – and their chai lattes are the best I’ve ever tasted. The b&n cafe down the street doesn’t hold a candle. JUST SAYIN’.

    • Kat

      Good point. I’m not much of a coffee-drinker, but I’ve been happily pairing up a hot cup of maté with my cupcake when I eat in at B&W.

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