Cookies^4 (or, Time-Traveling Cookies)

A few months ago, Kat and I took a trip to San Francisco. It was amazing! I definitely fell in  love with the city, between the liberal,  laid-back atmosphere and the huge food scene. People take their food SERIOUSLY, but in a good way!

Anyway, we especially took to the Mission District–lots of hipsters, the 826 Valencia Pirate store, and tasty tasty food. We kept going to Tartine Bakery and Anthony’s Cookies during our looooooong walks of the city (gotta fortify ourselves!). According to one Yelper, Anthony’s Cookies and Cream cookie was ‘…a cookie that tastes like cookie’ so of course with a review that nonsensical we had to try it.

And after trying it, we knew we had to replicate it on our own. After some Google-Fu, I tracked down a nigh identical-tasting recipe.

It begins.

Of course, we aren’t the types to just bake cookies–no, we’re kinda crazy adventurers. How could we make cookies baked with cookies in them even better?

Shit just got real.

If you answered ‘by sandwiching chocolate-chip cookie dough in between’, you’d be absolutely correct! But we weren’t done, no sir.


We definitely dunked these suckers in chocolate, and then finished them off with a layer of crushed Oreos. So that’s like, four dimensions of cookies! Cookies sprinkled on cookies with cookies in them sandwiching cookie dough. COOKIE COOKIE COOKIE COOKIE.



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  1. Helen F.

    My teeth are aching with longing…or maybe I need to go to the dentist!

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